The Great Cheeses of France

Narrowing down my favorite French cheeses to just a few is a lesson in futility. How does one quantify the best triple crème, or the best ooey, gooey washed rind cheese, or worse yet, how could I possibly choose my favorite Comte?

But for the purpose of this post, I must put a stake in the ground. Well, thankfully, I can put a few stakes in the ground. The cheeses of France are just as varied as the wines of France are, and each region of France has ownership of a certain style and milk type.

Here are a few of my favorites, for today anyway. You can find them in any Heinen’s cheese case. Bon appétit!

  1. Chevre Mousse. This whipped fresh goat cheese is perfectly lemony and clean. It is great to use in recipes that call for fresh chevre, or, goat cheese.
  2. Bucheron. Aged goat cheese, sort of looks like a round brie. It has a bloomy rind and soft, creamy center, but the flavor is tangy and earthy. It’s wonderful served with a drizzle of honey and baguette.
  3. Delice de Bourgogne. This triple crème brie is the best we have at Heinen’s, in my humble opinion. It is usually at a perfect stage of ripeness, meaning it is creamy, oozy, earthy and buttery-rich.
  4. Comté. Consider this the Gruyere of France. Use in any application you would use Gruyere, or enjoy as a snacking cheese with toasted assorted nuts and dried fruit.
  5. Roquefort. Arguably the King of All Blue Cheese, this venerable cheese is made strictly from sheep milk in the South of France. It is robust and not for the faint of heart, but it is King.

Experiment with pairing any and all of these cheeses with our new white and red wines from Burgundy. You simply can’t go wrong with this kind of pedigree!

~Shannon Welsh, Heinen’s Cheesemonger

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