Skylar Rae Cherries

The Sweetest Cherry You’ll Ever Eat™ – Skylar Rae Cherries

Say hello to The Sweetest Cherry You’ll Ever Eat™. These bright, sweet cherries were discovered by chance and come with a truly special and inspiring story.

Beyond their super sweet flavor and crisp bite; in every Skylar Rae® cherry is the memory of the beloved daughter of Kim and Troy Toftness, whom the cherry was named for. In 2004, the Toftness family, who have been farming cherries at Tip Top Orchards in Wenatchee, Wash. for more than a decade, suffered the unimaginable loss of their infant daughter.

As the Skylar-Rae-Cherries_Blog-Interiorfamily was beginning to heal, they saw a rainbow appear across their orchard. It served as a gentle reminder to them that Skylar Rae was still with them. Not long after, Troy Toftness, Skylar Rae’s father, discovered a cherry growing on a single tree the orchard that looked unlike any that he had seen before.

Typically, new cherry varieties found in nature are not viable for commercial production, but this was no ordinary cherry. The cherry had unique genetics and an exceptionally sweet flavor profile with high firmness. The family felt it was a gift from nature meant to honor their beautiful daughter, Skylar Rae Toftness. When it came time to trademark a name, it was a unanimous decision that the cherry brand should be called, “Skylar Rae®.”

Today, our friends at Stemilt Growers look forward to introducing this special cherry to cherry lovers everywhere.

What to expect:

Skylar Rae® cherries are golden yellow with a partial to full orange-red blush. The cherry is exceptionally firm with a crisp, sweet and juicy eating experience. They’re even sweeter than the famously sweet Stemilt Rainier cherry. Skylar Rae Cherries are

Tip Top Orchards

Skylar Rae cherries are grown on Stemilt orchards in Washington State, where they naturally flourish in eastern Washington’s dry, warm days and cool nights. Orchards are tended to by Multi-generational growers, including the Mathison and Toftness families.

While the Skylar Rae® cherry was discovered in 2004, the rare cherry has only been available in the market since 2013. It has taken more than a decade, but Stemilt is excited to share this cherry with the masses.  

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