Heinen's Personalized Wine Case

Toast the Season: Building the Best Case

This time of year has a tendency to fly by for us. Once our calendars read “November,” time seems to accelerate and suddenly it’s the eve of a New Year. The months in between are full of food and festivities, two things that we relish in and rejoice.

Whether you’re hosting or attending a gathering, beverages are an important element. Glasses are raised, toasts are made, and company is shared with your favorite drink in hand. Before your schedule picks up at a holiday pace, we recommend building a case of wine so that you have a stockpile to choose from when needed. An added perk: you receive a 10% discount on a 6-bottle case of wine from Heinen’s.

These suggestions range from sweet to dry, red to white, bubbly to smooth. Give them a try & let us know what you think! We’re always open to suggestions:

  1. Chalk Hill Chardonnay – Rich and elegant in texture and finish, this full and balanced Chardonnay tastes of lemon and peach with hints of caramel and toasted almonds.
  2. Souvenir Pinot Noir – Full-bodied and fruity, this Pinot Noir tastes of red raspberries and plums with aromas of black cherry, strawberry and crushed rose petal making it the perfect pair to a hardy holiday steak dinner.
  3. Mossback Cabernet Sauvignon –  With tastes of black licorice and vanilla, the firm, full tannins of this wine lead to an undeniably silky finish.
  1. Mendoza Vineyards Malbec –  Aromas of blackberry, plum, spice and vanilla gives this medium-bodied malbec a perfect balance of smooth and tart flavoring.
  2. Vin Hunter Prosecco – Our Prosecco is hand-selected by Vin Hunter, Heinen’s Wine Scout.  A delicious pair to light appetizers or fish, this semi-dry, well-balanced wine is intense and fruity.
  3. Chateau Camperos – The perfect compliment to a holiday cheese and charcuterie tray, this French white wine is overflowing with fresh citrus tastes and aromas.

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