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Products We Love: Two Brothers Limited Edition Coffees

Shortly after waking up, many of us reach for our coffee pot and begin brewing a blend to start the day. Here at Heinen’s we love our coffee and, while we offer some superb blends, we’re always looking for unique products to bring to our shelves and to our customers.

Our buyers are proud to put the Heinen’s name on Two Brothers single origin, whole bean coffee. You know that when a product bears the Two Brothers label we’ve deemed it top-notch. We work with local coffee aficionados, Caruso’s Coffee, to source beans exclusively for Heinen’s from highly regarded coffee growers located in top growing regions around the world.

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These coffees are considered best in class, each achieving a minimum 90 pt. cupping rating using the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s cupping standards. Due to the very limited supply of these unique coffees, we will be offering select seasonal varieties that will change quarterly.

We’re currently offering two varieties on a limited time only basis:

  • Jamaican Blue Mountain – This mild, sweet coffee has bright fruit notes coupled with chocolate and caramel. Produced in very small quantities in the majestic hills of the Jamaican Blue Mountains, it is one of the most sought after coffee origins. 90 pt. cupping rating using SCAA cupping standards
  • Kona Extra Fancy – Delicate and balanced with notes of sweet cocoa, mild bell pepper and light acidity, this 100% Kona coffee is easy drinking, smooth and refreshing. Greenwell Estate is located in the heart of Kona, on the same land once cultivated by the Greenwell family back in the 1800’s. 92 pt. cupping rating using SCAA cupping standards

We were on site when Caruso’s roasted the first batch of Jamaican Blue Mountain. Check out these photos of the process from start to finish:

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