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Have you ever tossed together the perfect blend of seasonings and wished you could bottle it in a large quantity for future use? We’ve done just that with our Two Brothers Seasonings, which are perfect for enhancing your protein, salads, and snacks.

It all started with Two Brothers All Purpose Seasoning. The perfect blend of spices was discovered by Heinen’s Meat Managers while visiting a ranch in Nebraska. Cowboy Butch Shadbolt of Sand Hills cattle ranchers introduced us to this dry rub, claiming it was the best he’s ever had. One taste and we agreed!

While we love incorporating this original seasoning into our meat, seafood, and prepared foods departments, we’ve also created new seasonings over time. After developing Chipotle Orange and Sweet & Smokey seasonings to be used in store, we realized that we had another opportunity to share these great tastes with our customers. In an effort to offer a well-rounded line of products, we developed Blackened Seasoning, Seafood Seasoning, and Steak & Burger Seasoning.

Overhead view of Two Brothers Seasonings in bowls

Adding the Two Brothers logo is our ultimate seal of approval. Once they’re a part of your pantry we recommend these great uses:

  • Two Brothers Original All Purpose Seasoning: Just as the name indicates, this is great to have on hand when you’re undecided on the best flavor to add to a dish. Besides flavoring your favorite protein or salads with it, we recommend mixing it into salad dressings or mayonnaise for an extra special taste.
  • Two Brothers Sweet & Smokey Seasoning: Developed for Heinen’s Sweet & Smokey Salmon, it’s great on fish. That being said, we also enjoy it on braised beef, chicken, and pork. Add some to your next pot of chili or batch of sloppy joes and it’ll become a part of your standard recipe. The fine grind makes it a welcome addition to snacks like popcorn and nuts.
  • Two Brothers Chipotle Orange Seasoning: This was developed for our Chipotle Orange Turkey Breast and also lends itself to flavoring chicken breast or fish. The distinct smokey citrus flavor is one you’ll reach for to add to any dish. Again, add it to a snack like popcorn or nuts!
  • Two Brothers Blackened Seasoning: It’s all in the name with this one. It’s best to use when you’re trying to do blackened chicken, steak or fish. Infuse your meal with the flavors of ancho, coriander, cumin…to name a few.
  • Two Brothers Steak & Burger Seasoning: The next time you’re grilling beef – steaks or burgers, specifically – sprinkle this overtop your protein and you’re in for a treat.
  • Two Brothers Seafood Seasoning: We recommend crusting any and all fish with this seasoning. Whether you’re grilling or baking, it will bring out the best flavors of Salmon, Halibut, even shellfish like shrimp. Another great use? Vinaigarette.
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