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Valentine’s Day Dinner at Home with Help from Heinen’s

Happy “Hearts Day” to all you foodie lovers out there. This year, while Valentine’s Day falls mid-workweek I am not going to let the special day go by without preparing a nice dinner for my husband and our little one. As a working wife and mom, I try to do my best to plan and prep for meals on Sunday afternoons. However, I recently discovered some of Heinen’s “Meals in a Flash” offerings and they have helped a lot. These dinner suggestions have been both inspiring and a super-easy way for our family to eat well on a work night.

This Valentine’s Day I want to step it up a bit with a slightly larger, more indulgent meal than I might regularly serve on a weeknight. I want the evening at home to feel special; like we are out at a restaurant but without the crowds and price-fixed options … one that is also child-friendly.

package of Heinen's ravioli, salmon cakes, spinach salad and a bottle of bubbly

For our Valentine’s Day dinner at home I choose Heinen’s Beet, Squash & Goat Cheese Ravioli (found in the Refrigerated Pasta Case), served with a dollop of prepared arrabiata sauce, a baked salmon cake (found in the Prepared Foods case), a small spinach salad (assembled from the Salad Bar), a slice of brie cheese (for the end-of-the-meal treat) and a glass of chilled bubbly!

I simply warmed up the salmon cake in the oven, and while they were warming I boiled the ravioli until al dente. I assembled our plates with the small salads which included spinach, delicious beet sauerkraut (for that holiday red hue), red onions and garbanzo beans topped with a tablespoon mashup of Greek yogurt and blue cheese. I microwaved the sauce and ladled the pasta on top, placed the warm salmon cake on the plate last, and — voila! — our Valentine’s Day weeknight meal at home was served in under 20 minutes.

Close up of spinach salad and ravioli

It was fun to have such a well-rounded, fancy dinner at home. Knowing I was serving my family a special weeknight dinner made me feel accomplished and a bit like Super Woman. If you are looking to impress your family with a nice meal at home this Valentine’s Day head to Heinen’s. The time savers among their Prepared Foods case, salad bar and refrigerated options are wonderful. Trust me — they will LOVE it!

Charity D'Amato
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