Vanilla Almond Frozen Rolls

Vanilla Almond Frozen Rolls

The following recipe and photography is courtesy of our friends at RX Bar and NatuRoll Creamery.

You have likely tried, or at least heard of RX Bars, but have you tried their nut butter? With clean ingredients, tons of protein and a variety of flavors, these single-serve nut butter pouches are the perfect addition to this healthy spin on ice cream.

Vanilla Almond Frozen Rolls


  • 1 pack RX Nut Butter Vanilla Almond Butter
  • 1 banana


For Rolled Version

  1. Place banana & RX Nut Butter on an ice-cold pan (0 degrees or lower).
  2. Smash, chop and mix ingredients together.
  3. Flatten out the mixture and roll it up.

For Unrolled Version

  1. Blend together the frozen banana and RX Nut Butter.
  2. Pour into a dish to serve and top with more RX Nut Butter.

Vanilla Almond Frozen Rolls

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