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Wake Robin Fermented Foods

Everything comes full circle, and what we eat and how it’s prepared is just another one of those things. Our ancestors ate a ton of fermented foods, not because they were cognizant of any health-gaining probiotics they got from them, but because fermentation helped preserve their fresh vegetables and some fruits, and they also gave them the energy they needed to get through the day’s many tasks.

Fermented foods, as a group, are highly nutritious and digestible. Fermentation pre-digests foods, making nutrients more bioavailable, and in many cases fermentation generates additional nutrients or removes anti-nutrients or toxins. In laymen’s terms, fermented foods are known to support digestive health, immune function and general well-being.

Heinen’s Director of Deli, Tony Tamburro, was excited when he stumbled upon Wake Robin. “There’s definitely a demand for these types of foods. People are very conscious of what they’re putting into their bodies, and they know more about healthy foods than they have in the past,” says Tamburro. “We were responding to demand for fermented foods, but we got really lucky when we discovered there was a company right in our backyard that was making such wholesome, healthy and delicious foods.”

Located on Walton Ave. in Cleveland, Wake Robin was started by a retired doctor and his daughter who had a passion for food and a desire to create something healthy for themselves and their community. The result is a line of fermented foods that are incredibly versatile, delicious, and readily available at Heinen’s. Find them in our deli section, and choose from any of these exciting varieties:

The traditional German condiment made with just cabbage and sea salt. No more, no less!

Kickin Kimchi
The pungent flavor of classic kimchi is becoming ever more popular these days. We’ve created a satisfying mix of vegetables and spices that’s warming, but not hot.

Carrot Escabeche
You’ve probably tried this tasty pickle at Mexican restaurants. Thick cut, crunchy carrots seasoned with onions, jalapenos and a hint of Mexican oregano.

Ruby Rüben
Earthy, peppery and deliciously purple, Ruby Rüben is an Eastern European-style treat. It is made with beets, apples, turnips, cabbage, juniper berries and black pepper.

Garlicky Dill Cucumber Chips
These classic sour pickles are sure to hit the spot. Crunchy and cool, we’ve seasoned them with lots of garlic and dill for your eating pleasure.

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