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Where Food Comes From – Why Source Verification Matters

What is third party verification and why does it matter to me?

In 1929, when Joe Heinen opened the doors to his first store, he sold only the highest quality meats, truly believing you had to buy the best to sell the best.

Many of the premium meats available at Heinen’s are Where Food Comes From third party source-verified, which means they come from a traceable, approved group of producers and ranchers that comply with our strict set of specifications for animal care and welfare. Where Food Comes From is an industry-leading supplier of certification and verification services to the food industry and we’re proud to partner with them and give our customers peace of mind about the food that they eat.

What is Where Food Comes From?

The expert auditors at Where Food Comes From visit the farms and ranches where our meat is raised to independently verify that the animals there are in fact being raised and cared for exactly to our strict standards and that the claims we make about those products are true and accurate. They document and record every aspect of the farm’s operations and inspect the animals to ensure that the end product is always what we say it is. We do all of this so that you can be certain that claims we make about our meat are indeed accurate.

Shepherd's Pride Lamb

So, why does source verification matter? Because it’s about the food you and your family eat and because you deserve unbiased verification that the food you eat is what we say it is, every time.

Obviously, we’re big fans of third-party verification. That is why our Heinen’s Own Pork, Gerber’s Amish Farm Chicken and Shepherd’s Pride Lamb products are verified and labeled with the Where Food Comes From Source Verified® label.

Learn what our meat is all about

Heinen’s Own PorkGerber's Amish Chicken
In the tradition of Heinen’s fine meats, we went to great lengths in our search for high quality, source-verified pork for our stores. As a result, we know how and where our premium pork is raised, no matter which cut you choose. We continue to specify both feed and handling requirements with our pork suppliers. This ensures exceptional quality and the highest level of tenderness.


Gerber’s ChickenGerbers Chicken
In our meat cases you’ll find Gerber’s Amish Chicken adorned with the ‘Where Food Comes From – Source Verified’ sticker on the package. Gerber’s is a third-generation family owned business producing the highest quality, humanely raised and handled chicken in the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country. You know it’s Gerber’s because it’s “chicken that tastes like chicken”.


Shepherd’s Pride LambShepherds Pride American Lamb
When it comes to lamb, look no further than Shepherd’s Pride Lamb. This premium quality lamb meets and exceeds the strict USDA criteria for natural meats, and is now USDA Process Verified through the Where Food Comes From program. Lambs raised under the Shepherd’s Pride name are never given added hormones or antibiotics and are raised to strict humane standards. Premium quality and taste.

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