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New Products from Award Winning Chef Zack Bruell

We’re pleased to announce that through our partnership with Chef Zack Bruell, a new line of chef created culinary sauces is now available at Heinen’s. These new and extremely versatile culinary sauces were created and perfected in the kitchens of Chef Bruell’s award winning restaurants are now, for the first time, available to home-cooks and fans everywhere exclusively at Heinen’s.

Those in the Cleveland area have likely, at one time or another, visited one of Chef Zack Bruell’s 10 restaurants and eateries (they’re hard to miss) but those within our Chicagoland contingency may not have had the opportunity to experience Mr. Bruell’s culinary genius in person. Now, whether you’re near or far, you can now enjoy the flavors and aromas of Chef Bruell’s restaurants right at home in our own kitchen. Use them in your favorite recipes or put on your chef’s cap and create something new and delicious.

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Chef Bruell strives to deliver the best possible quality and service to guests who visit his establishments and carries that commitment through to these three new premium culinary sauces. Each new sauce is uniquely inspired and used in popular dishes found in Chef Bruell’s restaurants: Thai Curry Sauce (Alley Cat Oyster Bar), Pepper Sauce (Parallax Restaurant and Lounge) and Marinara Sauce (Ristorante Chinato).

Alley Cat Thai Curry Sauce

This full flavored sauce goes well with beef, pork, chicken, fish, noodle dishes and vegetables. Warm this sauce in a pan by itself or with the dish that is being served.

Steamed Vegetables with Thai Curry Sauce (serves 4)

Broccoli floweretsThai Curry Sauce
Shiitake mushroom tops
Red pepper(sliced)
Red onion(sliced)
Haricot verte
Chinese broccoli
2 cups Zack Bruell Thai curry sauce
2 tbs. chopped cilantro

Steam vegetables together or blanch separately.  Toss with warm curry sauce and chopped cilantro.  Serve in bowls.

Parallax South American Pepper Sauce

With a slight “kick”, this sauce goes well with chicken, beef, lamb or full flavored fish. Serve this sauce at room temperature. Enjoy your trip to South America!

Tuna Ceviche(serves 4)

Pepper Sauce

1 ½ lb. #1 Tuna(cut into cubes)
1 avocado(cut into cubes)
1/3 English cucumber(peeled, seeded and cut into cubes)
1 tomato(finely diced)
2 tbs. diced cilantro
salt and pepper to taste
1 cup South American Pepper Sauce
4 lime wedges

Toss tuna with South American pepper sauce and let sit for 5 minutes.  Mix with remaining ingredients and serve garnish with lime wedges.

Chinato Marinara Sauce

Use this sauce on pasta, parmigiana, calamari, mussels or as a dip for bread and fried foods. Spice it up with pepperoncini or fresh basil.

Spaghetti Squash with Braised Pork (serves 4)

Zack Bruell Marinara

2 large spaghetti squash
1 lb. braised pork shoulder(pulled)
1 tbs. fennel seed(roasted and crushed)
1 cup dry white wine
2 cups Zack Bruell marinara
1 cup shaved parmesan
2 tbs. julienned basil

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Cut squash in half and roast for 30 minutes. Chill and then scoop out squash with a fork. In sauté pan heat pulled pork and deglaze with white wine. Add marinara and squash and reheat in oven. When hot, remove and plate. Top with fennel seed and shaved parmesan.

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